As the name of the company suggests, we provide our customers with a task group that is committed, professional and dedicated to creating a unique, personalized solution for each client


Hi, we’re D.A. Team.

We strongly believe in the importance of data, the need to maintain it and above all, the tremendous power it gives an organization, for turning data into revenue.

In recent years, we have gained rich experience in the field of BI and data, which has allowed us to help build better businesses.

We offer our customers end-to-end services in the areas of Business Intelligence, from the characterization stage to the development stage. We help you make smart and efficient use of existing data in your organization and thereby save time and financial resources, improve planning and control procedures, and promote knowledge-based decision making.


To introduce the innovative idea that any organization can make smarter processes using data and to thereby create organizations that are Data Driven.

"We Promise To Put All of Our Talent Into Your Project"

- Efi Goldman, CEO

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Meet Our Team​

Here are some of the key people who keep the wheels running at D.A.Team

Omid Vahdaty

Big data ninja

Benjamin Nissim

BI project Manager and Sisense expert

Eran Sherf

BI project Manager and Power BI expert

Tamar Hayumi

Director of Business and Strategic Development

Gal Habucha

BI developer and characterization specialist.

Assaf Mazal Tov

BI developer and characterization specialist


We Create Revenue Through Data for leading companies

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