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Who We Are

Sisense implementor and reseller partners

The D.A. Team is a tech company that provides advanced services in the field of BI. Over the past few years, we have amassed a wealth of experience in integrating solutions with Sisense. We believe that using Sisense and the data within it correctly can increase the profitability and greatly boost the effectiveness of any business.
Together, we will identify your unique business needs, guide you on the path of setting your goals and KPIs, characterize the business data flow process in the field, and craft a tailor-made technological solution for you.

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Sisense Services Provided

  • Designing BI organizational roadmaps based on business needs, best practices, and Sisense related data architecture.
  • Discovery sessions.
  • Implementation of Sisense tools.
  • Design and development of Data Lakes.
  • Budget Plan and cost reduction of your AWS/GCP Data infrastructure.
  • Migrating Tableau and PBI to Sisense.

Gal Habucha

Senior Project Manager
& Sisense expert

Our Head of Sisense Expertise

Gal Habucha, is a senior BI project manager and a data specialist.

Gal has extensive experience in BI, with more than 3 years’ experience leading projects in Sisense. Gal specializes in the migration of complex platforms and has extensive experience in developing data Pipeline processes in several different environments, such as Azure, AWS and GCP.

Gal joined us from day one and is a key component of our company’s development and success.

Our Jumpstart Package

Our Jumpstart Program was designed to allow you to form an initial BI solution, quickly and with high impact.

We offer bank hours to Sisense customers’ that includes:
a. Accompaniment in the implementation phase.
b. Support and guidance
c. Explore and consult on relevant plugins and connectors
d. Consult on best practices for future scaling
e. Go-live Planning and Preparation

The main objective of this program is to create a Sisense implementation at its best, in your environment.
As part of this package, we provide 50 hours of guidance, support, and initial integration including:
1. installation and implementation of Sisense, according to best practices.
2. Create the first template of a BI solution that includes one data model and one Dashboard.
3. Draw essential best practice guidelines for your environment to bring great ROI while minimizing maintenance and maximizing stability.

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