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We at D.A.Team have a deep understanding of the latest Tableau technologies, coupled with the licensing knowledge and partner relationships, means we’re in the best position to help you plan and deliver your next BI project.

We do this because we believe that using Tableau and the data within it correctly can increase the profitability and greatly boost the effectiveness of any business.

Together, we will identify your unique business needs, guide you on the path of setting your goals and KPIs, characterize the business data flow process in the field, and craft a tailor-made technological solution for you.

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Tableau Services Provided

  • Designing BI organizational roadmaps based on business needs, best practices, and Tableau related data architecture
  • Discovery sessions
  • Implementation of Tableau tools
  • Design and development of Data Lakes
  • Budget Plan and cost reduction of your AWS/GCP/Azure Data infrastructure
  • Migrating other BI tools to Tableau

Some of our latest Tableau projects

In recent years, we have characterized and developed dozens of Tableau BI solutions tailored to business needs and the end user. In these work processes, we strive to create a convergence between existing technological capabilities and the organizational strategy, and to combine tools and solutions that will enable the organization to meet its vision and business goals. And with the help of Tableau ecosystem, D.A. Team can naturally provide business solutions and reach new heights.

Lior Zalta

Tableau Specialist & Data Engineering specialist

Our Head of Tableau Expertise

Lior is a seasoned Tableau developer and proficient data engineer with extensive BI experience. He excels in crafting intuitive dashboards and custom Tableau solutions that drive actionable insights.

As a data engineer, Lior specializes in developing robust data pipelines on Azure, AWS, and GCP. His dual expertise ensures seamless data flow and optimized analytics for any organization.

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