Social Responsibility

We at the D.A. Team see social involvement as an integral part of the DNA of our company, and it is one of our basic guiding values.

Our company is constantly involved in community service. From the day it was founded, the company has donated to expand and establish the operations of the “One of us” association.
This is a matter that is dear to the heart of our CEO, who was lucky to have personally known Pini Cohen Z”L, the namesake of the association.

Pini Cohen Z”L fell in the line of duty in Gush Katif on March 6th, 2002, while in action in the Givati brigade.
Pini had a heart full of love, honesty, and ambition to always do his best. He believed that enlisting in the IDF was of utmost importance and he believed in people. Pini has always tried to be a personal example in every facet of his life.

At the heart of the association’s activities is the pre-military preparatory, “One of Us” (“The Mechina”).
The Mechina strives to bridge the gaps that exist in the Israeli society.
The members of the Mechina are boys and girls from troubled backgrounds.
They come from youth villages, boarding schools of youth promotion centers, rehab centers, and other types of placement centers.
What they all have in common is their high motivation to serve the country in the military and to fully fit into Israeli society.
The Mechina members see Pini as a role model.
For example, many of them go on to serve in meaningful positions in the I.D.F, such as infantry soldiers.
Some of the Mechina’s graduates have even gone on to serve as officers.
The D.A. Team invites other companies, interested in enhancing social involvement and giving back to the community, to visit the site, be inspired by the association’s unique activities and to support them –

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