Drill Through from Power BI to Priority

Take your BI solution to the next level

Our solution allows the user to explore an issue that appears in the Power BI dashboard by going directly to the specific screen in the Priority system.

The Drill-through solution is beneficial for companies that would like to take their BI to the next level: A data-driven solution. We implement such solutions to deal with issues efficiently and create an impact on the company’s performance.

The solution helps users to connect their BI alerts and exceptions with an operational system. Implementing the solution makes it easier to understand an issue by a single click and drill-through and quickly get into the problem’s bits and bytes. And in many cases – even take immediate action in the operating system that will be reflected shortly after – in the BI system.

The solution includes:

  • Creating the URL command that will open the relevant screen
  • Understanding the Html file that runs the javascript
  • Implementation of the solution in PBI
  • A dynamic approach to suit each Priority screen / Business requirement.

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