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Portfolio Description

One of Zoomin’s main challenges was producing an analytics solution for the company’s customers so that they could maximize product use, improve the user experience for its end users and demonstrate the value and ROI of Zoomin’s products to its customers.

As part of an amazing collaboration between D.A.Team and Zoomin, the Zoomin Analytics product was characterized and developed. Today this product is one of Zoomin’s core products.

It provides complex data insights and analysis for the company’s popular products. The data display layer was developed based on a leading BI platform – Sisense.

The BI solution now enables Zoomin to demonstrate the effectiveness of the company’s search and content management mechanism, and to create tasks and formulate quality insights for content optimization and service improvement for its customers.

* The information presented does not reflect the organization’s actual data and is for illustration purposes only.

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