Power BI


Large project – Migration to POWER BI PREMIUM
The project focus is on migrating from an older BI platform to a Power BI Premium. And at the same time, combining it with the CLOUD environment, deepening the current BI implementation in the organization, and expanding it to additional users and departments.

Ormat Technologies, Inc

A look at the implementation process of the Usage Analysis product at Ormat
Our solution allows the company to get an overview of Power BI employee usage and improve the implementation of the tool in the organization.

Be’er Sheva Municipality

Monitoring and controlling the management of city maintenance and cleanliness
By building a uniform database for managing city cleanliness, we can get a complete picture of this domain, at two organizational levels: operational and managerial. The dashboard created allows the municipality’s management to follow resident inquiries regarding cleanliness and satisfaction levels, and to examine this in relation to what is actually invested in the field.


Integration and implementation of the usage analysis product
Our solution allows clients to examine the usage of Power BI from end to end and thereby save quite a bit of money, upgrade performance capabilities in the field of BI, research and improve existing models, build a budget wisely and more.

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