Turn your DATA into REVENUE

The D.A. Team

We at the D.A. Team are here to help you turn your data into Revenue.

We believe that every business can maximize its profitability by leveraging its data.

The more intelligently your company structure, analyze and use its data, the closer your business goals correlate with data modeling and analytics, and the more automated your company’s processes become, the higher your profitability and performance.

That’s how you turn data into Revenue.

Above all, we at the D.A. Team strive for integrity and professionalism, while enjoying the journey of creating data-driven innovative businesses.  

BI Services

We are experts in characterizing and analyzing data-driven business processes and offer our clients automated programs that will increase profitability through data.

Our team of experts characterize and develop BI and Big Data solutions, using on-prem software and cloud computing, that will help you grow your business.

We are experts in characterizing and executing in implementing systems and processes, which results in increased efficiency in day-to-day transactions.

The Team

Efi is a BI & Big Data Architect, Specializes in leveraging businesses through data.
Efi Practices Karate & Aikido, and see it as a way of life.
Efi is planning to open a Dojo soon
BI Solutions Expert @ D.A. TEAM
Eran is a Talend, DWH & Power BI Specialist.
In his private time Eran Loves to play beach volleyball
Projects Manager & BI Specialist @ D.A. TEAM
Benji is leading the Sisense, Tableau & Panorama implementations.
Benji dedicates his private time to Yoga
Purchasing manager @ D.A. TEAM
Rut is a budgeting expert and an artist.
In her private time she enjoys children face painting
Power BI expert @ D.A. TEAM
Baruch is a Data Enthusiast & DAX fan.
leading the DAX, Power BI, Flow & Data Flows in the team.
Baruch enjoys listening to music in his Private time

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