Our team of experts focuses on managing and developing solutions that will help you establish Analytics and BI Systems in complex environments, which require creative business thinking.

Connection with data

create analytic and decision-making processes for each database, system, or API, for internal or external organizational data, Big Data files, or to receive information by data stream processing.

Self Service

Connect business users to data using easy-to-use graphic platforms, dashboards, and reports that make working more practical, analytical, and easy to implement.


The responsive and interactive user interface offers users convenient and easy access to data and analytics on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.


Our systems enable users to set automatic alerts that identify predefined KPIs and to reach their targets, as an integral part of its self-service capabilities and various interfaces.

Write back

We offer write-back support for the intermediate layer between the dashboard and the databases. This way, you can carry out business simulations and analyze information that has does not exist in operating systems.


We view BI as an active catalyst for activities, such as automatic overflow exception, sending an email message as a result of an exception, generating traffic in the operating system, and as a trigger for the beginning of a business process.

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